Mutant Worm

Mutant Worm is in essence a freelance company, founded by versatile filmmaker Frank Boxman. He has been using the name Mutant Worm since 1998.
Since films are rarely made alone, Mutant Worm thrives on collaboration: with a supportive and creative home base, with fellow creatives and with clients.

Situated at The Studio in Groningen, The Netherlands, this collaboration often involves a combination of freelance companies. So while Mutant Worm is very versatile in and of itself, nearly every discipline of the film trade is at our disposal. Nothing to stand in the way of dreaming your big dreams. Except maybe for budget…

the origin of Mutant Worm 1998


Mutant Worm focusses on storytelling and character animation which is a joy to create and where anything is possible. The crews are small and often Frank is all you need.

Frank has a university degree in English language and literature; a study where tedious theoretical courses in film analysis drove him into the practical field of actually making films. You can see most of these under Fiction.

CLIENTS & COLLABORATIONS (in disorderly sequence):

Manisch Creatief: GGD Groningen, GHOR Groningen; Gasunie; Gemeente Groningen; Be-Interactive; Ledegang Communicatie & PR: Schaliegas, Mercatus, Energiebeheer NL, etc. ; Timmerman Media:, YP, Actium; Focus – Product Innovation & Design: Philips, People Creating Value, Spark;; Workshop After Effects Noorderpoortcollege School voor de Kunsten; Pavlov e-lab; Simple Story Videos; Club Guy & Roni; Imagine: Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival; Dizain via Bushok Rockvideos: Hoza, KNSB, Hanze Hogeschool; more Bushok Rockvideos/Rob Bruijgoms: Jorritsma Bouw, local municipal commercials; Moomba Media: Dierentuin Emmen, Fundeon EVC; Statement communicatie bureau: Drachten Smalligerland; ¬†Peter Doorn: De Zeven Zonden; RTV Drenthe Reclame; Thieme Meulenhoff; North; Buiten Kader; Switchpark; HMA: Energiewacht; Alex Pitstra; Roeland Dijksterhuis; Veldhuis Productions: Brandfighters of the year 2009, iEnergy and many more; JAV studio’s, Ilexys, Monsterscore, …