Mutant Worm animation studio creates animations that resonate. It’s about storytelling and evoking emotion, drawing the viewer in. Think character animation, motion graphics, visual effects, even stop motion. As you’ve probably realized, anything is possible in animation. What Mutant Worm really stands for is catchy animations with a healthy and disarming dose of humor.


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Are you a start-up company, or do you simply wish to convey what you stand for — what you mean? Get a clear, concise and playful Mutant Worm explanimation!

“Mutant Worm here, and I’m going to tell you about motion graphic promotional videos. For instance, imagine you have a brand that you want to share with the world. That brand could be anything: a product, a company, an institution, a person, even a manual …”

Call them whatever you like: ‘I get it now’-videos, explanimations, epipheos, explainer animations, lightbulb animations, illuminations. The main gist is that Mutant Worm can help you out with a short, clear and playful animation that helps people understand what you want to convey.

You’ve probably seen them, and everybody wants one. But not just any one, right?

Interested? Let me know via [intlink id=”181″ type=”page”]the contact sheet[/intlink].