Mutant Worm creates most of its animation, visual effects and motion graphics in Adobe After Effects using any footage possible: photos, graphics, fonts, text, illustrations, video, drawings, carton
    cutouts, clay, etc
    Digital 3D and stop motion are also possible. The sky is not the limit.

    Below you'll find animation categories besides Explanimations.
    Mutant Worm maakt zijn animaties, visuele effecten en motion
    meestal in Adobe After Effects met elk mogelijk materiaal:
    foto's, graphics, fonts, tekst, illustraties, video, tekeningen, kartonnen
    knipsels, klei, etc
    Digitaal 3D en stop motion kunnen ook. The sky is not the limit.

    Hieronder staan animatie categorieën naast Explanimations.
  • VFX & Motion Graphic Support

    Trailers, Leaders & Logo's

    Wish Cards

    Stop Motion

    Book Trailers

    One Minutes